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As you begin planning your family’s outfits consider these questions.  Are you thinking about matching your home decor? Are there colors that look best on you and your family? What is the personality of your family sporty, trendy, dressy, casual?

Find one piece of clothing that includes the colors you would like to use. Then plan the rest of the outfits around that piece. Choose 2 or 3 colors to use in every outfit. It’s a little easier when choosing a basic neutral color like denim, tan or black, and then you just add your color. Denim, teal and blue is another great combination. You can match, but mix it up!

Simple is best, avoid clothing with writing or crazy busy bold patterns, and accessories (hair, jewelry, shoes) are JUST as important as the clothes. Keep it simple! Solids and neutrals don’t distract from beautiful faces. Jeans and khakis always look good. The key is to create a portrait that is timeless. For young children, skin is always timeless as are bare feet. I love naked babies!

Complimentary clothing and colors are ideal for group photos. For little ones hats and scarves can be fun in the fall and winter months.